Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy busy

Wow such a busy month. So this is going to be one of those..Hey I am alive posts.

So much is happening on we have the taste of cyber programs back in full swing and are now training two groups at once for single and partnered males seeking a taste of Femdom cyber online domination. Our New to Femdom Domination programs for the ladies have also been a great success, with many of them commenting we (MissBitch and I) have made the process easy and simple to follow with the hundreds of personal images and video footage, and one on one interaction. A third group is currently starting on our sister site studyBDSM where we have added as additional feature cam play which we post about shortly...all cams are returned and free as is every thing on CNC

The forum also has a lot of interesting topics regarding Femdom and BDSM topics: This week my personal favorite would the topic of user names by Fetish Educators and just how 'out' they are within the community. It's wonderful to see the replies. The diversity of the members on CollarNcuffs never ceases to amaze me.

Well I'm off to finish writing, after the publishing contract for two Femdom 'how too' books (availible Febuary) we are currently writing a third..ohh that reminds me I need some 'test' subjects *evil grin* but I'll post about later...this was supposed to be a flyby visits.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

getting ready

Please excuse our mess we are setting up this blog

Friday, February 20, 2009

Save our Adult sites

No Clean Feed
Help needed from all Kinky
Protect your rights to access
Adult sites!

Help stop them from banning sites like and Adult bloggers

Please sign this petition or 'Save the Net' on your own site
With the new petition widget you can collect signatures for GetUp’s ‘Save the Net’ petition from your own social-networking profile, blog or webpage without visitors ever leaving your site.
It’s easy and secure –simply copy the HTML code found HERE and paste it into your webpage or blog post; it works the same way as embedding a YouTube video. Visitors to your page will be able to enter their details to sign the ‘Save the Net’ petition securely, email their friends about the campaign, and embed the tool on their on site.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mistress160's Ultimate Kinky Show girl-Awards

Crossposted from from Mistress160's Abode, if you wish to leave comment,
could you please do so on the orginal post so all comments can be kept together.
Many thanks to Ms160 for another fantastic contest

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest - Awards


"Honestly ...
the things you guys do for a corset ..."

The Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest judging is over and it's time to start the awards. But first a few words from our judging panel:

We welcomed MistressAmor to our judging panel this contest ... and Ms160would like to thank both MistressAmor and the always amazing Miss Bonnie for their time and judging efforts. Thanks too to Miss Bonnie and for their sponsorship of the contest, donating a wonderful corset to the winner.

We ended up with three contestants, two owned by judges and one without an owner, entering Ms160's contests for the first time. We salute the courage of all subs who do this. Alas no one tried to bribe the judges this contest. Hopefully next time....

"As always the standard was extremely high" writes Ms160, "And - as always - these pixs were very interesting to judge because they were so DIFFERENT. I almost wish we had made videos compulsory because I would love to have seen everyone perform :). From the totally over the top style of burlesque to the exquisitely elegant, the contest had a entry for everyone. Most of all we judges wanted to be entertained. And boy, were we ever!"

"We wanted a great show and we haven’t been disappointed", MistressAmor concluded her final judging notes: "I would like to thank Mistress160 for inviting me to be a judge. It’s been great to be part of it and it was real fun ... you guys were all fantastic. You’ve been creative and fun ... you have definitely exceeded our expectations. So sorry Ditta but you are so last year..."

"I had great time judging ... I always do!", wrote Miss Bonnie: "I wish I could have donated more prizes on behalf on CollarNcuffs, as all entrants deserved to win first place. The images produced were of a very high caliber. Thank you for the entertainment and the smiles. I look forward to judging and sponsoring many more"

As for a winner, it was a very hard choice! "I can’t choose just one entrant or one image", said a frustrated Miss Bonnie during the judging process, "I personally think we need to fly them all to Las Vegas (judges included of course) and have them all perform live on stage …lights … camera ... cue music ... dance… nope no winner they have to do it all again *wink*... from the top boys...".

We hope contestants will keep in mind what Ms160 wrote during the Serving Mistress Contest: "For us the challenge is to create awards that reflect the interests and personalities of the contestants. And this is a real joy to do. Contestants put so much thought into their photos, it's an honor to have the opportunity to put equal thought into the awards we present. While we may or may not select a "winner" quite honestly every award we create is equal, and we hope they provide enjoyment to the receiver"

Contestants ... all together now ... take a well deserved curtsy ...


Miss Scarlet / solipsist - Photo 3

"I had to lean in really close to read the writing ...
I swear he did that on purpose to see how many
monitors he could cause to fog up"
(Miss Bonnie)

The Best Ass prize in Ms160's contests are a judging favorite, and this contest was no exception. We only had one and a half asses on display, lol: solipsist's Photo 3 and the rather nice side view of Quietlisten's bottom on Photos 1 and 2. "It's a tantalizing glimpse ... but alas nothing more", commented Ms160 sadly. "I agree that quietlisten shows quite a curve!", agreed MistressAmor, "But sol’s the only one who has dared to show it properly..."

Solipsist's photos were greatly enjoyed by the Judges. "I love sol’s picture 1" observes MistressAmor, "that pose is terrific, kind of shy but cheeky at the same time. That picture tells me he will be giving a great show … and he does! [In Photo 2] he cheekily sits and removes his cincher while looking at the camera like wanting to say: the best is still to come… And it does when in picture 3 we get see him wiggling his ass!"

"I absolutely adored (in Photo 3) the flirty ass wiggle towards the end, with the fishnet stockings around his ankles, and the "I love you" written on the back of the knickers! What a tart!" wrote Ms160. "I wanted to slap that sweet little butt of yours, I have a thing for cheeky boys (no pun intended)", said Miss Bonnie: " I had to lean in really close to read the writing…I swear he did that on purpose to see how many monitors he could cause to fog up LOL".

The Judges are Very Pleased to award solipsist Best Ass in the Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest :)

When acknowledging his prize sol wrote:
"Thanks to all the Judges - it was fun :) I'm glad you all enjoyed the pics"


Mystere / Quietlisten (all three photos)

"For this contest Quietlisten did more than
be quiet and listen,
he roared from
behind those feathers ‘come take me’
(Miss Bonnie)

This was a unanimous decision, with Quietlisten's combination of imagery and words bringing Mystere alive for the judges. "I thought the name Mystere very fitting as he did create ‘mystery‘ with his images" said Miss Bonnie. MistressAmor agreed: "The name he has chosen, Mystere, is totally appropriate because he has created that sense of mystery and anticipation not only with his pose and outfit but also with his words: “Mystere is about to go on stage for another performance. I can’t reveal where it takes place”. He continues: “I won’t even tell you what Mystere does with those shoes, either. You will have to get tickets to find out.” The thing is … I really want to know! I would certainly kill for one of those tickets!".

All judges were in agreement regarding the high quality of Mystere's clothing and presentation. While we enjoyed sol and poppet's "cheekier and sluttier" (MistressAmor) looks, we also admired Mystere's "cool style" (Ms160) and "classy sophistication" (MistressAmor). "Quietlisten [possesses more] style and grace that most of the female gender ... he personified elegance" concluded Miss Bonnie.

The judges also admired the fact that Quietlisten took these photos himself. Each photo was technically excellent as well as stylishly posed. "He really works that corner, and the camera" noted Ms160, "each pose is different and very nicely done". "For timer activated [pix] they are amazing, great lighting and shadows, good prop use", agrees Miss Bonnie.

Then there was Mystere's outfit. "Oh fantastically well done ... I love the use of black and white, and of the black sequined pasties and panties. Very very stylish! Mystere can perform for me any day :)", writes Ms160. MistressAmor agrees: "I was very impressed ... I love the contrast between the black outfit – mysterious, sexy, elegant - with the ‘virginal’ white feathers". "Once again well done Mystere on your elegant, sensual, sassy pictures that could rival the great dita von Teese", concluded Miss Bonnie, "For this contest Quietlisten did more than be quiet and listen, he roared from behind those feathers ‘come take me’".

The Judges are Truly Delighted to award Mystere The Most Elegant Showgirl Award.

Accepting his awards for the contest, Quietlisten wrote:
"Thanks to the wonderful ladies for this really fun contest! Congratulations to Poppet and Sol for fantastic entries. Is it considered "topping from the bottom" if you intentionally make the job of choosing difficult on the lady judges?

"I have the sneaking suspicion that this is not the end of the evil contest ideas.

Taps "refresh" repeatedly, waiting for a new contest :)"


Kinky Bella / poppet (all three photos)

"he hasn’t called himself Kinky Bella just
because he was out of choice

and he has acted accordingly …"


This award was easy. The judging went like this:
Miss Bonnie: "HAS to be poppet! Hands down!"
Ms 160: "HAS to be poppet!"
MistressAmor: "I have to agree it has to be poppet!"

The Judges greatly enjoy awarding Kinky Bella with The Sluttiest Showgirl Award!


Miss Scarlet / solipsist - Photo 2

"Well Miss Scarlet I do declare! You're in high
fire danger area I hope your Mistress
has the fire
extinguisher handy *fans herself*"

(Miss Bonnie)

Again this was a difficult choice for the judges, comparing poppet's wantonness with quietlisten's sultry teasing and sol's cheeky sexiness...

We came down in favor of sol's Photo 2. "His whole performance was very sexy and this shows, especially in Photo 2, where he maintains eye contact ... such a tart!", laughs Ms160. "[sol's pictures] tell me he will be giving a great show … and he does! [In Photo 2] he cheekily sits and removes his cincher while looking at the camera like wanting to say: the best is still to com", observes MistressAmor, while Miss Bonnie sums up: " the look in the eyes is hot! The attention to his Mistress never wavering!".

The Judges happily present solipsist with The Sexiest Look Award!


Mystere / Quietlisten (all three photos)

"sooooo sexy! "
(Miss Bonnie)

"Amazing pictures Mystere!
You've made my breakfast! "


"So let me get this straight", Quietlisten wrote to the judges in the leadup to the competition:
"You think that a group of well-adjusted guys is going to voluntarily subsume their manhood by shaving all over, dressing in sexually-charged little nothings festooned with ostrich feathers, and flounce around shamelessly to be oogled and judged by a group of women like so many objectified sexual favors?"
Oh yes, we replied! ("I can't wait" responded Miss Bonnie). And that's exactly what Quietlisten did: Mystere appeared shaved, sleek and gleaming, in black sequined "little nothings festooned with ostrich feathers". And boy, did the judges enjoy shamelessly oogling her :). The "end result was splendiferous objectification", sighed Ms160.

Sol and poppet's sultry, cheeky, sexy eye contact in their photos certainly "did things" (Ms160) to the judging panel. But Mystere was the definitive award winner here. Ms160 pointed out how "Mystere peaks out from behind her fan" ... "the gleam in his eyes is so sexy and wanton! The way he holds the fan ... just enough to tease and make you want more", agreed Miss Bonnie.

"He maintains that sexy show girl allure "you can look, but don't touch'", Miss Bonnie continued at a later stage of the judging, before noting that at the launch of the contest:
"I commented ... that I had a weakness for the ‘screen goddess of the 1940s with there sexy glamorous styling, with nothing more than a few pieces Quietlisten (Mystere) managed to recreate a look which stirs some wonderful feelings within me *evil grins*. [to paraphrase Dita Von Teese] Mystere put the tease into strip tease in this contest!"
The Judges are Really Really Pleased to Award Biggest Tease of the Contest to Quietlisten :)


Kinky Bella / poppet - Photo 1

"poppet is a total performance trollop.
His Photo 1 is flawless"


"MistressAmor and poppet's creativity and imagination never fail to impress me. Their joint collaborations are a joy to anticipate and a delight to behold", writes Ms160, "and this contest has proved another triumph ... Photo 1 is flawless, it wins all around!"

"Poppet lives and breathes the role of kinky Bella the show girl", says Miss Bonnie "where to start?! The outfit ... (MissB secretly wonders did poppet try twirling the TASSELS on his pasties ... you can’t be a ‘sexy’ burlesque star without tassels *huge grin!) ... the accessories ... the makeup/hair (is there any thing he forgot! He even had on matching nail polish in red!) the set, all splendidly spectacular ... I loved the attention to detail, nothing left to chance, he has covered all aspects that we could of possibly expect in a ‘show girl’ ... from the tip of his red shiny shoes to his elaborate head piece, pearls and make up. Such a tasty tart"

"Oh look at his expression!", continues Ms160 "look at that pose ... such an exquisite outfit this time, and poppet strips out of it with such flare! [He's] a total performance trollop! And so exquisitely photographed!". "The photography was great, kudos to Mistress Amor", notes Miss Bonnie. To which MistressAmor replies: "I didn’t allow poppet to buy anything for the contest apart from the cheap plastic pearls and fan so he mixed and matched what was available".

Poppet also scored extra marks for linking his performance to a musical number, which itself had a kinky edge to it. As his Owner noted:
"I think he did very well at adapting it a specific period of time and music ... what I like best in his pictures is the mixture of classic and kinky not only in the oufit but also the stage … a bed! A little kinky thing inviting sinners to sing from a bed? How could I resist him?"
Indeed, who could? Not us! The judges - including his very proud owner - are Honored to award Kinky Bella and poppet Winners of The Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest :)

Accepting his prize poppet wrote:
"What can i say? i am deeply honoured and delighted to have been awarded the Ultimate Kinky Showgirl prize but if truth be told i think that both Sol and Quietlisten produced outstanding routines with fabulous outfits and i would like to congratulate them for their wonderful pictures and awards. We are all winners and all had great fun entering and i would like to encourage anyone else reading this to enter next time...assuming of course there will be future contests? (gets down and begs!!)

"i also have a suggestion, how about a femme a trois? with the three kinky showgirls putting on a show together...oh i can see it now, the glamour, the tassels...what fun we could have! The three kinketeers!

"Finally, i would like to thank my wonderful Owner Mistress Amor for permitting me to enter the competition and for Her assistance with my make-up and hair and taking the photos. Darling, you make a wonderful assistant! - Uh, oh now i'm in trouble!!!"
However MistressAmor had a final surprise for poppet:

"Thanks Mistress160 and MisssBonnie, you were both fantastic and enjoyed judging with you. QuietListen, sol, poppet ... you cerntainly entertained us! You 3 are wonderful.

"To the little rascal who is getting a corset: Congratulations, what a nice corset you are getting …I am not jealous at all of course, you have it and enjoy it. However, I think, that since you have been so lucky you should show your gratitude to the judges, those out-of-this world women which have been so kind to you.

"I have decided that once you receive your prize you will have to do the following:
  • Upload 3 sexy pictures of yourself wearing the corset (I volunteer to be the photographer, my kindness is unlimited)

  • The photos must be taken in 3 sexy London landmarks

  • Each photo must be dedicated to one of the judges

"I think it’s only fair, 3 sexy judges deserve 3 sexy pictures in 3 sexy locations. And, you know, winners need a lesson in humility...Mistress160/Bonnie, watch this space!"

We will indeed, and I'll bring you further updates on those special photos!

Thank you again to all our contestants and Judging panel, and to CollarNcuffs for the corset that is now going to cause poppet such fun!

Contest banner:
Miss Bonnie
Cross posted from Mistress160's Abode

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Femdom online training course for male submissives

"your life will change forever" MissBonnie

"a tantalizing taste ... of possible futures..."MissBitch

MissBitch and I have spent a great deal of time thinking and talking about this option to add to What we have come up with is rare on the Internet: a free online training program for new submissives


Both MissBitch and I are regularly approached by many men new to Femdom wanting help. Some wondering if submission is for them, others sure of their submissive drive for years but without opportunity to express this side of their nature. The next logical step in their submissive journey is to gain experience and find a Mistress to serve. But alas finding a real time Dominant is no easy task, so many turn to online submission as a way to manage their aching desires to fulfill a Mistress’s needs and wants. Yet even online, finding a cyber Domme can be a daunting task. The world of cyber kink is filled with predators and untrained Dominants just waiting to take advantage of lonely submissives. While
Bitch and I have our own lives and our own stables of submissives, both online and real time, for a long time we have both tried to help as many submissives as we can experience the thrill of serving online, providing subs with a taste of ‘online domination’ cyber play via chat rooms, IMs and emails. We are aware that for some this taste is all they ever receive. Some may decide submission is not for them. But many remain. MissBitch and I often used to say to each other ‘so many subs, so little time’. We wondered what else we could do, how we could help more submissives find their way to understanding their kinks and fulfilling their desires to serve. So we decided to design a simple training course to give newbie submissives a tantalizing taste of what they desired - in fact even more than what they have desired, because this is a chance to serve not one but two Mistresses online for a set period!


Despite the amount of time and effort that went into designed the course and delivering it, we made the decision the course should be free to attend, because BDSM education is a priority for us both. Collarncuffs contains major educational resources listed on - including MissBitches popular pages - and this training course will add to those resources. In fact it will be the first of several training courses, each modified to appeal to different levels of experience and various fetishes and kinks. This inaugural course - an online training program hosted on for Forum MPS (MyPersonalSpace) and open to members only - will be totally interactive, incorporating on site blogs, email and chat interaction.

The course will include:

  • Introduction to behavior modification

  • Introduction to light bondage and restraint

  • Introduction to light pain

  • Introduction to humiliation training

  • Introduction to cross dressing and forced feminization

  • Introduction to dildo training (oral)

  • Introduction to light anal

  • Introduction to tease and denial / light chastity

  • Introduction to service submission Educational components will explore topics such as how to find and contact a dominant, personal presentation in cyber space, and understanding your fetishes and kinks.
The course will also include daily ritual tasks to undertake at home, compulsory homework, shopping trips, plus additional tasks for extra points for a chance to win the special prizes for this inaugural class. A list of toys will be provided to successful applicants, which must be acquired / purchased prior the course's commencement. This will not be an expensive list, but will include basics such as a dildo, feminization and crossdressing items, a small piece of bondage rope etc. A digital camera is also a prerequisite (phone camera is fine).


Obviously there will be a great many applicants for this, and future CNC training courses. There is nowhere else online that regularly offers such a course, gratis. Keep in mind too that a great deal of care has gone into the construction of this course, and similar care will be shown regarding the selection of applicants.

DO apply to enroll for this program if:

  • You are a serious submissive who seeks a creative, exciting and unpredictable outlet for your submissive desires.

  • You want to add a little edge and excitement to your life by exploring a variety of Femdom practices.

  • You are an interested, new submissive who wants to experience being trained online in a safe, anonymous way

  • You have reliable access to private, secure email and web browsing several times a week

  • You have the privacy to perform tasks and rituals as requested

  • You are a member of Collarncuffs' MPS Forum (you can join by clicking HERE)

DO NOT apply to enroll for this program if:

  • You do not have access to email/web at least 4-5 times per week, every day preferably

  • You are married and cannot obtain your wife's permission. (later courses will be offered to those with non involved partners)

  • You cannot perform written and verbal lessons on time and accurately

  • You do not live alone or have the privacy to undertake rituals and tasks as specified

  • You plan to travel and will have sporadic email access

  • "If you are demanding, whining and selfish and think this program should be about getting YOU off" (a personal note from Miss Bonnie!)

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in this inaugural program, please list your name on the forum thread by 30 December 2008.You will then receive an application form and a questionnaire similar to those sent out by Dommes considering a sub for service. This will provide us with information regarding your experience, desires, kinks and general health. Our aim is to provide you an opportunity for the best experience possible. Without answers to the questionnaire we cannot do so in a safe manner and you will not be accepted for the course.You will be advised shortly after whether your application has been successful. "At which point", say your two future Mistresses "your life changes forever!"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's that time again on

…..Its competition time again on again at,

I was researching where the Christmas tree ritual stemmed from, why cut down the tree, why put the tree on a stand, decorate it with shinny traditionally red colored balls (Baubles)

…..During my research I did find some surprises that it stems back to PAGAN Rome and Egypt, and how the tree is believed to be tied in with Nimrod.

…..Who was Nimrod?
Nimrod was a Mesopotamian monarch mentioned in Genesis, and who figures in many legends and folktales. Basically Nimrod was in fact a Biblical figure -- the great-grandson of Noah. He was a haughty king who declared himself a "mighty one in the earth," founded the great city of Babylon, and presided over the construction of the mythical Tower of Babel. Nimrod was also a renowned hunter, though at least one source we found claimed his game of choice was not animals but men, whom he would enslave upon capture. Whatever his prey, his name became synonymous with a skilled hunter and the woods. Nimrod meets with an untimely death.

…..But I digress;
Now back to the tree and where MissBonnie evil thoughts are leading. I won't go into the semantics as they are religious and I don't wish to offend any ones views or religious beliefs.

…..So how does this entire history lesson tie into the tree?
pagans believe it had become customary to use an erect evergreen tree that has a pointed end decorate it with big red balls you will soon realize the extent of the perversion in this holiday. THis erect tree during pagan times was used to symbolize Nimrod's erect masculinity. The tree was evergreen because evergreen trees are full of life year round, just like Nimrod's penis. The tree was pointed at the end just like Nimrod's pecker. The big red balls that dangle off the tree... well you get the picture. This holiday is perversion at its best to good to pass up *evil grin*.

…..This idea got my mind racing.
Why not have a penis decorating competition. What better way is there is to have a truly perverted Femdom Christmas? This is your chance to shine and show us all how clever, and creative you are.

The limits are only your imagination.
Imaginative entries attract attention, attention gets you prizes.
What are you wanting for?

…..Go on get creative!!!

Deck the dick with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season for Femdom jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Don we now our colored tinsel
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.
Pretty bows and balls that glisten
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la.

See the blazing dick before us.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Dress the dick and join the chorus.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Follow me in Femdom pleasure.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
While I tell of Yule-tide treasure.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Submit your photo entry to the forum thread (you can find it here)and you will be registered for a chance to win.

Each entry needs to be added as a new topic in the contest section (start a new thread) you may enter as many entries as you wish.
Dead line for entries is 23rd December 2008

All pictures to entry/s must be your own original content and added as an attachment (If you are unsure on how to do this contact admin)


Once all the entries are in, the contest threads will be closed. Admin will set up a poll on the top of each thread submission and registered forum members can all vote for the favorite entry.
Dead line for entries is 23rd December 2008
Polls for voting will be listed on (or around) the 24th and run till the 3 rd January 2009
Admin will announce the winner with the most votes on or after 3rd January 2009
prize will be mailed soon after.
(If a tie occurs outside judges will be consulted)


the winner with the highest vote count chosen by forum members will receive one fully adjustable Chastity belt (please note NOT leather, we can’t send leather through customs) This CB is suitable for short time wear and has a very pleasing visual appeal. The CB has three padlocked adjustment areas, a double cock ring cup, creating a snug fit. The CB also has a has an anal ring if added attachment are required creating a very versatile unit.

See photos bellow for greater detail.


You must be a member of forum to enter. And at least of made one Forum post (saying hello is a great way to start) and filled out your profile (MPS My Personal Space). For example for profiles you can follow this link to my profile HERE please note some images may not show unless your a member of

Profiles that display a blank user pic will be disqualified from entry. Avatars/Images are fine, stock forum images are also fine 'no image selected' is NOT fine.

All members can vote, but vote only once on each thread submission. Contestants are encouraged to cajole, bribe, entice, and beg members to vote for them, and even refer new members to sign up on the site to vote - but those caught creating false profiles just to stuff the ballot box, will be disqualified. And yes, we DO have WAYS.

Any member, individual, couple, or business may enter. Your submissions should be creative, reflect who you are and have a Femdom theme. Don't pretend to be someone you're not just to make a more impressive entry.

Winners agree to provide a name and address to Admin in order for the prize to be sent via mail (if chosen). In the event a winner does not provide a name and mailing address, the winner forfeits any claims to their prize. Mailed parcels are sent as discreetly as possible in plain unmarked packaging. In the event prizes are mailed outside of Australia a customs declaration will be filled out to suit the relevant prizes nature and marked ‘household goods’ or ‘personal items’ or ‘clothing’ All parcels will be marked ‘gift/present‘.

Prizes can be transferred to another forum member, please note offering your prize to another member does not leave said member indebted to you in any way. IE this is not a ‘tribute’ or taken as ‘payment’ prize items transferred are seen as gifts and nothing more. Transferred prize recipients will contacted on the winners behalf by Admin, the winner is have NO contact with the prize recipient until initial contact has been made by Admin.

Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.

Moderators of chatrooms and forums are eligible to enter as their position in this area does not give them access to voting counts or special privileges.

By submitting an entry you are verifying that the work is your own creation and that the submission may be published as we see fit in any medium on our website and/or blog

Topics that are off limits
(Anyone under the age of 18, SPAM of any kind, Advertising of any kind, Incest, Bestiality (sex with animals), Insults, or flames Libel, Age play, Snuff topics, or those involving death of yourself, or another)

Admin reserve the right to delete inappropriate submissions and refuse contest entries.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Ultimate Kinky showgirl contest

reposted with permission from Ms 160's Abode
(if you wish to leave a comment could you please do so
on Ms 160 origal post so all contest comments can be kept togehter)

NOTE: Because the HTML Guide is not working
for group posts at MyDungeonSpace, the entire
contest post has been posted here on my blog.
You will find info on the theme of the contest below
plus details on how to enter, prizes, rules etc.
Then return to the FF group's contest thread


“I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute”
Dita Von Teese

The ultimate kinky showgirl ... what will our submissive contestants from Ms160's Forced Feminization group make of this theme?

The judges adore it. Like Dita Von Teese, the judges of this latest contest extravaganza - Mistress160, Miss Bonnie and Mistress Amor - love the glamor of burlesque, of the striptease: "There’s sparkle", mused Miss Bonnie from our sponsor CollarNCuffs, when the judges discussed the proposed theme of this contest:
There’s glitter ...wicked idea ... ‘Burlesque‘ I love it, so sexy and ultra Femme ... I think burlesque, my mind drifts immediately conjuring up the sirens of the past like the Ziegfeld follies and Gypsy Rose Lee, my childhood idols ... Gypsy was best known for her ‘intelligent sexy alluring strip tease’ style of performance ... [she] was the legendary woman who told the police during a raid at the famous Minsky's burlesque house, "I wasn't naked. I was completely covered by a blue spotlight"

"what a wonderful idea Mistress 160 I don't think you could have found a more ultra Femme and sexy contest idea ''
Mistress Amor agreed:
"I am dying to see pasties, feathers, pretty clothes, jewels (plastic ones will do) … and for those of you who dare, and we know that you all are shameless, this is what Dita Von Teese says on wearing lingerie: “It puts the tease in strip tease”

"Do I need to say more? Any glamorous strippers out there?"
Are there, boys? But as Mistress Amor observed:
"But burlesque is not only about glamour and strip tease it is also about drama, comedy … acting. Whatever pose you choose for your pictures bring your character alive. The judges want to be entertained! Give us a great burlesque show"
And that's what this contest is all about ... "give us a show boys", demands Mistress160:
"this will be a cross dresser's dream of an event ... entertain us ...entrance us ... dance for us ... dress for us ... undress for us ... make us desire you ... make us laugh with you ... show us your hidden talents ... your pretty can-can stockings, with pasties over your nipples .... show us your desires to be the ultimate showgirl ... and add your own kink or fetish (high heels, perhaps, lol) into it somewhere if you like!"

So what exactly is a showgirl?

"A dancer or performer in a stage entertainment show", says Wiki. Which is a totally useless description if ever I heard one. Thank God we have all seen photos of the amazing dancers at venues like Folies Bergère and Moulin Rouge in Paris, the latter famous for it's Can Can, captured here by artist Toulouse Lautrec:

These venues pioneered semi-nude dancing - at the Moulin Rouge in 1907 an actress called Germaine Aymos entered dressed only in three very small shells - and tableaux vivants. These days we are used to more production line shows. In Las Vegas there are so many these days (such as Jubilee! ) but who could forget the showgirls of The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies in Palm Springs who's chorus line is of showgirls well over their fiftieth year:

If they can still look amazing, just imagine how the contestants of this contest will look!

We could have called this the Ultimate Ecdysiast Contest. "Ecdysiast" is the dictionary term for a "striptease artist", a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music. But it just didn't have the right ring as a title, LOL. Traditionally, the "striptease artists" of burlesque created elaborate themes and costumes to add fantasy to their shows and find new ways to undress to music.

Today this survives as "new burlesque", says Wiki:
"a revival and updating of the traditional burlesque performance. Though based on the traditional Burlesque art, the new form encompasses a wider range of performance styles; Neo-burlesque acts can be anything from classic striptease to modern dance to theatrical mini-dramas to comedic mayhem"
What's important perhaps for our contestants to remember - or not, lol - is that this contemporary form is focused more on the "tease" in "striptease" than the "strip". This is a famous quote mentioned by Mistress Amor by the queen of modern burlesque, Dita Von Teese, who's style as Miss Bonnie says, "has put a modern edge to classic burlesque".


Wiki writes:
"Von Teese is well known for her fascination with 1940s cinema and classic retro style. This began at a young age and was fostered by her mother ... a fan of old, Golden-era Hollywood films... [she] began her career in a local strip club when she was eighteen. Disappointed with the lack of originality in all the other strippers' acts ... she began glamour modeling before she eventually became a fetish model. Her retro pin-up look, frequently emulating Bettie Page in photo shoots, set her apart from most other fetish models.

"Von Teese ... is frequently dubbed "the Queen of Burlesque" in the press ... In her own words, she "puts the tease back into striptease" with long, elaborate dance shows with props and characters, often inspired by 1930s and 1940s musicals and films.

"Some of her more famous dances have involved a carousel horse, a giant powder compact, a filigree heart and a clawfoot bathtub with a working shower head. Her feather fan dance, inspired by burlesque dancer Sally Rand, featured the world's largest feather fans, now on display in Hollywood's Museum Of Sex. Her signature show features a giant martini glass.

Photo Courtesy:
Daily Mail UK April 2008
Dita Performing In Martini Glass
Dita is not just a showgirl, many of her projects have a kinky, fetish edge, which of course relates to the theme of our contest:
"Von Teese achieved some level of recognition in the fetish world as a tightlacer ... [she] appeared on a number of fetish magazine covers, including Bizarre and Marquis [and] appeared, bound and partially suspended, on the cover of Midori's book, The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage...
You can see why Dita makes such a perfect example of a kinky showgirl. We are sure she will equally inspire you! And because Dita loves corsets so much - indeed, is a serious tightlacer - our sponsor CollarNCuffs has kindly donated a corset as a prize for the ultimate winner:

Now that is a prize worth pursuing...

So how do our contestants become kinky showgirls? There's a wealth of ideas in the information above. And many other sites will provide inspiration. You will find more about Dita and photographs of her fabulous style on her official website here. It's a pay site, but there are plenty of free pages you can explore. You can also watch Dita on YouTube here and here. And, because I cannot resist - and because this is why they call it the art of the striptease, guys, lol:

You can find lots of wonderful sites featuring showgirl costumes, like this one. And of course plenty of places online sell them. However we hope our contestants will only look at those sites for ideas and assemble at least part of their final costume themselves. Because you don't need to spend much money to create something pretty amazing from your local crafts store. And there are plenty of places online with idea to help (how to create a showgirl costume / how to make a big showgirl headdress / etc). After all, a stunning showgirl may only wear her panties and pasties ... it's all in the presentation, how you make the judges believe that YOU are the Ultimate Kinky Showgirl!

Want to take part? Here's the info you need:


  • Contest is open to all genders
  • Subs of judges may enter
  • Each member may submit up to three photos of themselves wearing an "Ultimate Kinky Showgirl" themed outfit / pose (your Mistress does not need to be visible)
  • Photos are to be uploaded in the Forced Fem group's gallery by 30 November 2008

  • Well lit, in focus photos. Your face does not have to appear
  • You may submit three photos of the same outfit (perhaps: front, back and a detail) or you can wear a different outfit in each pic. Please make sure the outfit can clearly be seen in your photos
  • For the first time we may accept short videos. Discuss issues of format / length / place to submit them etc with Mistress160 prior to submission
  • There are several parts to this competition:
    1. all contestants must select a special stage name to reflect their ‘burlesque / showgirl personality’ for the contest. Don't create a new ID at MDS. Just include the name in your post on the contest thread to confirm you have submitted your photos, and explain why you have chosen that name.
    2. contestants' outfits must reflect the theme ""Ultimate Kinky Showgirl"" and /or
    3. must include actions or a pose (or series of poses) that expand on that theme
  • Contestants who address both parts 2 and 3 in their photos will score higher. For example, a photo showing the contestant standing in a showgirl costume addresses the first part; a photo of the contestant in a showgirl outfit dancing for his Mistress, or posing provocatively with his eyes on the judges (ie, facing the camera) addresses both.
  • Judges may also award prizes for various categories, such as:
  1. Best Burlesque / Showgirl Stage Name
  2. Best Headdress
  3. Sexiest Diva
  4. Best Acting
  5. Sluttiest Showgirl
  6. Best Pasties
  7. Best Striptease
  8. Best Makeup
  9. Kinkiest Showgirl
  10. Best Ass (previous holders of this title will have to submit for further judgement :))
  • Additional marks will be given for extra effort for personal presentation (such as perfectly painted nails, professionally arranged hair or make up, etc) or thoughtful additions (for example, if the contestant would like the judges to listen to a specific piece of music while judging their entries). Please bring these details to the attention of judges via the message you post on the contest thread to confirm you have uploaded photos
  • Judges will award higher marks for any contestant who uses Dita Von Teese as their inspiration source
  • Winner will be presented with "Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest" Photo Award and have this title added to your winning photo in the Forced Fem group gallery. Highly commended prizes will also be awarded.
  • CollarNCuffs will also present the winner with a corset of the style shown, in the size of their choice. Many thanks to Miss Bonnie and CollarNCuffs (for all your Femdom needs, resources and chatrooms)
  • All prize winning photos will also be published in a post about the contest on Mistress160's personal blog, and on the blogs of other judges
  • Open to members of the Forced Fem group only. Please join if you wish to enter
  • If you have a Mistress / Owner please make sure you obtain their permission
  • Mistresses / Owners: you are of course most welcome to assist your sub behind the scenes and post messages on the contest thread (which we definitely encourage!) but please remember your sub MUST register and post photos / messages themselves
  • Contestants without owners: if you have anyone (such as another member of MDS) giving you a hand, please acknowledge this so that other contestants know not to take advice from the same person
  • Please lodge a post at the time you upload your entry photos in the Forced Gem Gallery (providing the judges with information about why / how you selected your stage name and outfit, the photo shoot, and any other details you would like to include, will result in a higher mark)
  • Each photo you submit must be clearly titled "Contest4" then give the name of the member and the number of the photo if you enter more than one image (ie: "Contest4_solipsist_pic2")
  • Photos should be specifically photographed for the contest and not previously be seen in the gallery (you can wear an outfit we have seen before but the photo must be new)
The contest will close midnight 30 November 2008, and the winner / other prizes will be announced later that week.

Contestants, register here (or join MyDungeonSpace first).

Good Luck from Ms160 and the Judges!


"the whole competition was a blast!..

"i really encourage anybody who is even a little bit curious to enter the next one. they're very fun, very low pressure, and a great way to be part of the community and meet new people. thanks again to Mistress 160, the mastermind of the whole operation"

(veritas - Winner of Best Ass in Babydoll Contest)

"what a fun time to be expressive and creative and have fun at the same time. I certainly would like to encourage all the tarty sluts out there to participate in the next one ... Good luck to everyone and come on and have some fun!"
(mont202 - Winner of Princess Contest)
"you could feel the joy emanating from the other contestants as they described their shopping / picture taking experiences. Very positive feelings ...

"i felt all kinds of emotions during this contest and i embraced them and watched others go through similar feelings on the topic. No answers, no coming down on one side or the other ... It was bizarre and different and provocative. A rich experience. i couldn't ask for more".
(Destiny's chance - winner of Special Artistic Award)

Ms160 writes:
We'd love you to join this contest. Truly.

As you can see from what other contestants have written above, everyone has a really great time. There are no "losers" in my contests. You get to meet - and interact with - some great people, including the Domme Judges and other members of MDS' Forced Fem group. You also get to challenge yourself a little - purchasing your outfit, taking the photos, posting them etc...

You don't need to have an owner or a Mistress, its possible to take your pix yourself and if you are stuck for ideas you can discuss what you want to wear / how you plan to look in your photos with other members.

Past contests include the Princess Contest (won by mont202 as Xena, on the left) and Best Babydoll Outfit (won by quall from Turkey). The current contest, featuring a burlesque / striptease theme, promises to be especially fun.

Any questions?

You can contact me via the cbox on this page or via my profile at MyDungeonSpace. Or drop any of the boys who entered previous contests a line. You can also read about contestant Destiny's chance's experiences in the following links:

of mont202: jade tiger
Princess contest montage: Miss Bonnie
Ultimate Kinky Showgirl contest montage: Miss Bonnie
Silver Slipper Photo from VegasRetro
Dita Von Teese in Martini Glass - Daily Mail UK

Many thanks:
to CollarNCuffs for the prize
to Miss Bonnie of CNC for the contest banner
and to the always amazing Dita, who we hope will
forgive our associating her with this noble cause!